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Day – 6 – Running Drills with James Thie

Day – 6 – Running Drills with James Thie

Aim to use 7m to 20m of space, repeat each drill twice and speed up in second time of doing!

1. High Knees: Helps increase natural knee lift through exaggerating in practice. Use good posture (being up right) & bring knees higher than normal, while using your arms.

2. Heel flicks: Increasing your heel recovery will  also help with increasing your stride length. Tall posture, using running arms in natural position. Bring heel as close to bottom as possible & think of quick feet.

3. Skips for height: Promoted positive running form, as triple extension of ankles, knees & hips. Tall like a sprinter, rolling off the ground each time pushing through the ankle, aiming for some air time with a safe landing each time. Making sure arms are opposite to legs & aid the drive up each time.

4. Fast feet: Helps reactivity and speed off the ground. Tap the ground fast, use arms but no focus on knee lift. This is pure speed of feet! 

5. Hamstring sweeps: extension and dynamic stretch for hamstrings. Extend opposite leg, with heal on ground each time and toes to sky. Arms then sweep towards heels and up to sky.

6. Side skips: promotes getting on to balls of feet & good co-ordination. Start side on, light on your feet and push off balls of feet each time. Change direction at half way & also use arms to follow legs

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