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Halloween Health Tips: Spooky Symptoms of Dehydration

Halloween Health Tips: Spooky Symptoms of Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the spookiest things to worry about this Halloween. Legends say that Dracula himself turned into a vampire just because of dehydration. Well, vampires still need blood to hydrate after their transformation, but that’s another story…

Trick…AND treat? This article is satire — just for fun! — and you should treat it as such!

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Here are the top spooky symptoms of Halloween Dehydration

(Remember: this is just satire!)

Sensitivity to Sunlight

You once loved the sun so much! The beach was your favorite place. But suddenly, you no longer have the urge to bask in the warm rays of the sun. Actually, you don’t want to go out in the middle of the day at all. You prefer nights. Suddenly you’re more of a moon person. You actually feel attracted to it, in a strange way.

Garlic? You’ll pass!

Garlic was once your go-to ingredient in recipes. But now you feel strange eating it. Your taste has changed and you feel the need for something more… salty.

Growing teeth…

When you brush your teeth, you feel your toothbrush getting stuck in unusual areas of your mouth. It wasn’t always like that. You look in the mirror and some of your teeth got a little bit bigger. We spoke with a leading fangs specialist – in the dental profession, these are called fangs.

You can’t see yourself in the mirror

Well, there could be a few reasons why this might happen. Our first suggestion would be to clean your mirror. You may appear like magic. If this won’t work, we strongly suggest to hydrate yourself.

Our solution for Halloween Dehydration

So you’re closer and closer to becoming a vampire…

Worry not! We have THE SOLUTION for you! To avoid turning into a vampire this Halloween, you may just need to hydrate properly.

And if you choose not to hydrate, just remember: stay away from the sun!

This article is a little Halloween trick (& treat!) – and should be treated as a joke.

For some serious tips and tricks on hydration, check out the below articles: – Signs of Dehydration: How To Spot Dehydration – How to spot dehydration in others – What are the dangers of dehydration?

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